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'Auto Sunset' 1-click preset

The Evolution Collection includes 48 new
color presets and 6 new B+W presets.

Make Your Portraits More Personal

Every person is unique, so shouldn't every portrait be unique too? With tons of presets for portraits, you are sure to bring out the absolute best in your subject.

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after "Auto Sunset" preset

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after "Bright Shine" preset

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after "Desaturated Edge" preset

Grab The Attention

If you truly want someone to focus on your subject, B+W is the answer. Removing color helps tell a deeper story. Let the Evolution B+W presets grab your viewer's attention.

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after "Crisp Tin" preset

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after "B+W Statue" preset

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after "Rugged Crisp" preset

Take Your Viewer on a Journey With You

When you travel it isn't easy to capture the real ambiance in a photo. Let the Evolution presets help set the tone and pull out all the details of your travel and landscape images.

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After "Sherbert" preset

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After "Dark Skies" preset

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After "Bring The Light" preset

Make Easy Work of Tricky Light

We've all been there: you are suddenly stuck with less-than-ideal light. The Evolution Preset Collection has presets that will help fix backlighting, odd colors, and wonky lighting conditions.

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After "Back-Lit Blast" preset

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After "Color Amplifier" preset

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After "Crunchy Punchy" preset

So what all is included?

*48 color presets*

*6 black and white presets*

Over 28,000 photographers have invested in the Hacking Photography presets and trust them to create more impactful images. I'd love to have you as a customer as well!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - seriously.

If you don't love these presets, I don't deserve your money. If you want a refund in 60 days I'll refund you immediately with no questions asked and we can still be friends

You will love these presets, I guarantee it.

Mike Newton

Commercial Photographer | Author | Photography Hacker

Price: $129

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Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Lightroom do I need for these presets?
You need to have Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, or Lightroom Creative Cloud software to use these presets. If you don't have Lightroom, these presets won't work for you. I'd highly recommend Lightroom if you don't already have it, you can get Lightroom and Photoshop as a package for only $9.99/month!  

How quickly do I get the presets?
You will get a download link in your email right after you purchase!

Can I use the presets on my other computer?
You sure can! Many of my customers use them on their desktop and laptop computers.

Will you show me how to import these into Lightroom?
Absolutely! I include both written instructions and a step-by-step video - its really easy :)

Do these presets work in Photoshop, or any other editing software?
Sorry, these are only for Lightroom.  

I still have a question - help!
I'm happy to help, just email me at ordersupport@hackingphotography.com and we'll get you taken care of!

Need Help? Email me.