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Are you wasting time fixing Common Editing issues over and over again?

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I find that most photographers make common mistakes when taking photos, and often waste precious time manually correcting those mistakes over and over again in Lightroom. 

The most common problems I see are:   

  • under/overexposed images

  • having to fix dark shadows in harsh daylight

  • fixing high ISO noise

  • dull/flat images on cloudy days 

  • fixing overblown highlights 

  • and dull, boring skies

Because of this, I’ve created the Quick Fix Preset Collection to help correct common mistakes in just one click!

Here are the presets you get:  

  • Bright Contrasty Daylight 

  • Color Pop  

  • Dull Sky 

  • Dull Sky +  

  • High ISO Noise Correction 

  • Indoor Low Light 

  • Indoor Low Light + 

  • Open Shadows

  • Open Shadows +

  • Open Shadows ++

  • Overblown Highlights

  • Overblown Highlights +

  • Overblown Highlights ++

  • Overcast

  • Overcast + 

  • Overexposed Flat Light 

  • Overexposed Flat Light +  

  • Underexposed

  • Underexposed +

  • Underexposed ++

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Customer Testimonials: 

I FREAKING LOVE THESE QUICK FIX PRESETS I JUST BOUGHT! Seriously, just back from Africa with a gazillion pictures from safari and this is making my edits SO much faster and easier.

Geesh, I sound like an infomercial! - Heidi Ferguson

I've been working with your quick editing presets and finding them very helpful! As I take more and more photos there's just not time to devote a lot of attention to all but the most outstanding ones so I appreciate this quick way of getting whole groups of photos up to snuff at the least. Thanks so much and I will be no doubt ordering more from you as it goes along. - Bob Mocarsky

I want to offer you a huge discount since you are now a part of the Hacking Photography family. 

These Quick Fix Presets sell for $116 in my online store, but on this page I’m offering them for only $29.

That's a 75% discount to say thanks for trying out my free presets!  


With my money back guarantee the risk is all on me!

As with all my products, these presets come with a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure you love them.

So if you want to save a ton of time and frustration working on tedious ____, click below to purchase the Quick Fix Presets for only $29 today. 

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Regularly $116 - On this page only $29!

100% Safe & Secure - Your payment is completely safe.