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Add unique special effects onto your photos in just 1 click

With the Special Effects Preset collection!

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You get 4 collections totaling 101 presets!

25 Presets

26 Presets

25 Presets

25 Presets

25 Soft Tones Preset Collection

  • These 25 Soft Tones presets automatically adjust *only* the tone curve panel, creating gorgeous tones in your photos while leaving the rest of your edits alone!

  • The Soft Tones presets can be 'stacked' or 'layered' onto your other presets.

  • The presets are named in numerical order with simple descriptions so its easy to find the preset you need quickly. 

  • Experiment with exciting new tones, shadows, and highlights in only 1 click!

Soft Tones Gallery

  • Don't forget to edit your skies! The Sun Flare Presets Collection creates sunny and extra colorful skies in only 1 click!
  • These presets were custom built by utilizing radial filters and gradient filters so you can 'layer' them over your existing edits!
  • Beautiful, colorful skies take your photos to the next level and add a whole new dimension to them.

26 Sun Flare Presets

Sun Flare Gallery

25 Light Leaks and Film Burn Presets

  • These 25 presets simulate real light leaks and film burns from film and toy cameras like Holga cameras to add a little more personality to your shots.
  • These presets use custom-built radial filters and gradient filters to make realistic effects. This means you can 'layer' them on top of your current photo edits without affecting the rest of your edits!
  • All presets work in just 1 click!

Light Leaks and Film Burn Gallery

  • Sometimes you just need a vignette or border around your photo to draw the viewer in!
  • These presets let you add 25 different vignette options to finish your photos properly.
  • Many of these borders were created to simulate 'lomography' effects on the vignettes for an old-school style!

25 Custom Vignette Presets

Custom Vignette Gallery

Customer Testimonials


"I love the Soft Tones presets! For example, the HP 12 Tone Curve Dark helped me level out my dark tones to give it that aged film emulated look. It also helped my subjects maintain that "pop" in the mid-range, while taming the grey tones on their skin. The darks have that 'silver' quality that I'm looking for!"

 Hanam Do


The Sun Flare Preset Collection really took my outdoor shots to a new level. As someone who has used Lightroom for many years, I was surprised to see the vibrant transformations made possible by this preset collection. I added the "Flare 24 Vertical Sun Rays Left filter" to a landscape and the image was just perfect; I didn't even have to make micro-adjustments. Well done Mike! These presets are fantastic and will save me lots of time developing!

Zank Bennette


"With black and white street photography, finding tones that adequately evoke the mood of the scene without losing detail can be challenging. I love having the Soft Tones Presets in my arsenal!"

Matt Finazzo


I wanted to give you a shout out for your new Sun Flare Lightroom presets. They ROCK! I just got back from a skiing trip to Telluride, CO and used them to add that extra special something to my landscape and outdoors photos. Thank you again. All your products are fabulous.

Steven Cox


"I have two Holga lenses that deliver really fun effects as you use direct light at specific angles. Combine that with different pieces of colored paper and you can create art. With the Light Leaks preset collection from Hacking Photography I don't need the Holga lenses anymore. Now I can use whatever lens I want and create light leaks and film burns in a second!" 

Robert Wiggers


"What I love about Mike's Custom Vignettes is that they can be subtle or bold, vintage or crisply of-the-moment, with gradations in between. They're the perfect finishing touch you don't realize you're missing until you audition them on your photos. Kudos, Mike, on useful, practical presets!"

Mary Heffernan

Over 22,000 photographers have invested in Hacking Photography presets and trust them to create more impactful images. 

Special Effects Presets Individual Prices: 



25 Presets!

Creates silky smooth tones by making custom tone curve adjustments in only 1 click.



26 Presets!

Makes beautiful, colorful skies to add more depth to your photos in only 1 click. Responsive



25 Presets!

Adds funky toy-camera light leak effects and film burn effects to your photos in 1 click.



25 Presets!

Adds 'lomo' style vignettes and different borders around your images in 1 quick click.

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